What is Gurosoft Games?

Gurosoft Games is a brand created at 2016.

Here we work to develop videogames for all targets.

Currently 1 - 2 videogames each year.

Currently we release games only for Android in Play Store market.

In future as soon we can, we are going to develop more videogames, biggest, serious and for other markets like PC.


Who is Gurosoft Games?

Daniel Rayos is the CEO and foundador of this Brand.

After work for years in the videogame industry and lern how work this world from inside. Then have been decided release his own brand under name Gurosoft Games.

Only are a one worker here right now.

I hope soon, this brand grow and start togheter a big family.


What we do?

It's easy to answer. Videogames.

Currently we developing casuals videogames for Android.

But we are thinking in other enviroments like computer. Also with not only casuals games else with more time of developing.

Also I have been trying expand the brand with other fields like tecnhology.

Soon you will see the results.




Billar para Android

This is own best game and most important.

This is a billiard with different styles like 8 ball, snooker, cushions, american.

Also have a different levels of AI to play alone versus computer.

This game has between 5k-10k users every month.

Gurosoft Games birth with this game.

MIPS the Robot

MIps the robot

This is the game with more love we developed

Mips the Robot is a puzzle casual game very funny

Help the robot to overcome all levels and recover her heart

Game with one click. Touch screen and MIPS will turn right, only turn right.

This is currently the best game of this brand.

Feed The Willow

MIps the robot

Another puzzle game with a innovative mechanic.

Help the cute spider to eat the mosquito drawing lines

Easy to play but difficult to overcome all levels.

Just Feed the spider and draw a line when you touch the screen

Very funny, try it.

Quiz: Guess The Logo

MIps the robot

This is a different style of Quiz Games.

You have to guess the right logo between 4 options.

One of them are right, the others are fakes.

Different stle without have to write the brand

Just Guess the Logo

Just 20 Taps

Just 20 Taps Clicker Game

Simple clicker game

Game developed for the JackSParrot Jam in few hours

Try to fill the quad clicking on the screen

If you fill with right time you will be more and more quick.

Ranking to check the best timers of players.

Guinxu : Balls in Space Fight

Guinxu la Estrella Infinita Game

GAme developed in few hours in the Guinux jam 2019

It's a funny game. Push the ball eating stars and grow

Just touch on screen to choose de direction and force

This game has a hidden history when you finish it

Try it and Destroy the biggest star, Guinxu